N@NO'2017 Program


 DAY 1


Keynote Speakers


Professor Victor Neto (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Graphene based sensors for air quality monitoring.

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Professor Victor Orante-Barron (University of Sonora, Mexico)

New Investigations Related with Lanthanide-doped Magnesium Oxide Obtained by Glycine-based Solution Combustion Synthesis: Exerting Influence of Addition of Li + on Thermoluminescence Properties.

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Professor Khalid Rahmani (Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco)

Polarizability and binding energy of a shallow donor in spherical quantum dot-quantum well (QD-QW).

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 Invited Speakers 


Doctor Kaviayarsu Kasinathan (iThemba Labs, South Africa)

Antiproliferative effects on human lung cell lines A549 activity of cadmium selenide nanoparticles extracted from cytotoxic effects: Investigation of bio-electronic application.

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Doctor Luyanda Noto (University of South Africa, South Africa)

Persistent luminescence for home lighting.

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Doctor Omar Bajjou (USMBA, Morocco)

Optical and structural properties: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with porphyrin.

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Doctor Astro Karthik (Bharathidasan University, India)

Evaluation study of annealing temperature effect on the biosynthesized Rhodium nanoparticles via Aspalathus Linearis plant extract and their antimicrobial activity.

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Mr. Mohamed Achehboune (USMBA, Morocco)

Synthesis ans characterization of  rare earth (Yb) doped ZnO nanostructures via hydrothermal process.

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Mr. Issam Boukhoubza (USMBA, Morocco)

Effect of time of growth and precursor concentration on the morphology of ZnO nanostructures.

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Mr. Fernand Atipo (USMBA, Morocco)

Synthesis, crystal structure and thermal study of the hybrid nickel sulfate C6N2H16 [Ni(H2O) 6 (SO4)2].2H2O.

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Ms. Sarra BOUHAZMA (USMBA, Morocco)

A sol-gel synthesis, characterization and in vitro bioactivity of binary, ternary and quaternary bioglasses with high mechanical strength.

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Ms. Najlaa HAMDI (USMBA, Morocco)

(C6N2H16)[Co(H2O) 6](SO4)2 .2H2O: A new hybrid material based on sulfate templated by diprotonated trans-1,4- diaminocyclohexaneraphene based sensors for air quality monitoring.

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Mr. Younes Chrafih (USMS, Morocco)

The effect of non-parabolicity on the transmission coefficient in ZnO/Mg x Zn 1-x O Quantum Well Heterostructures.

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Mr Issam Derkaoui. (USMBA, Morocco)

The Vanadium oxides prepared by Micro-wave synthesis for energy storage with improved electrochemical performance. 

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 DAY 2



Doctor Mohammed Hamzah  (University of South Africa, South Africa)

Surface chemistry changes and microstructure evaluation of low density nano- clustered polyethylene under natural weathering: spectroscopic investigation. 

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Mr. Fokotsa V. Molefe  (University of South Africa, South Africa)

P3HT/GO nanoleyres for photovoltaic applications. 

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Ms. Souad Chaouche  (USMBA, Morocco)

Cs 2[M(H2O)6]3(HPO3)4, M= Co, Ni Crystal structure, IR and thermal studies.

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Mr. Smaiel Herradi (USMBA, Morocco)

The effect of microwave and conventional heating on a modified sol gel derived biphasic calcium phosphate.

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Mr. Uyi Aigbe (University of South Africa, South Africa)


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Ms. Sanae Chajri (USMBA, Morocco)

Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of bioactivity of glasses in the CaO-SiO2-P2O5-MgO system with different CaO/MgO ratios.

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Mr. Issam Derkaoui (USMBA, Morocco)

Microwave assisted growth of nanorods vanadium dioxide VO2 (R): Structural and electrical properties.

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Mr. Dumisani V. Mlotswa (University of South Africa, South Africa)

MgGa2O4 prepared by solution combustion synthesis.

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Closing and Awards